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About Us

Dorene Payne is a Texas certified teacher with a certification in Early Childhood through 4th grade. Dorene has 4 years teaching experience in Northwest ISD. She started running Shining Stars Preschool in fall 2011, and has been teaching preschoolers at her school since.

Ms. Dorene

Ms. Dorene has a passion for teaching young children. She admires their excitement and love for learning. Her purpose is to build on their desire for learning by making their daily activities together engaging and fun. Ms. Dorene has first hand experience in observing the skills the most successful children come into kindergarten with. She understands where the students need to be at the beginning of kindergarten and where they are going. She is fully prepared to ensure that your child is kindergarten ready when they leave Shining Stars Preschool.

Ms. Dorene is looking forward to working with your child and you, as together we build the foundation for a successful academic career.

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